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Practical Lunacy

Super Fans!

There are some fans that you just don't forget...

Throughout the years, there have been lots of fans that we can only call "Super Fans". These are people that not only listened regularly, but interacted! Many of them spent time in the chat room, or were active on the now-defunct forums. Here are a few names that come immediately to mind (in absolutely NO particular order)!:

  • Sigerson: Our biggest EVAR and longest listening fan, was Siggy! She was listening to "TOTG" one night because the guys were interviewing Wil Wheton, and just didn't disconnect from the stream right away, and that led her straight into Practical Lunacy! She was young; we corrupted her. She even hosted once!
  • Dickson: The host of "WDP", which followed immediately after Practical Lunacy on the original radio station. He and Luna actually became pretty close.
  • Lindsey: She used to hang out in the chat room a lot. She and Luna hung out a bit while they were both still living in Florida. She liked us so much that she even hosted a few times!
  • Friday13: Friday was a regular in Luna's personal chat room for a VERY long time before Practical Lunacy came to be. He just wound up tuning in because that chat room doubled as the Practical Lunacy chat for a while.
  • Sarok: Yes, he WAS a host for a while, but before that, and ever since, he was and has been a listener! And yes, he does cause trouble. He takes pride in it.
  • Jefferson: He's a troublemaker! He helps to make sure that we need a chat room moderator! He's also a friend to Luna and Storymaster.
  • Clay: Christmas Eve of 2004 was a tough day for Clay. And then, he stumbled upon Practical Lunacy, where Luna and a few other people were drunkenly being idiots! We cheered him up, so he stayed. And... He became a SPONSOR! Clay rocks! He still listens now!
  • James: Luna's Aussie. He was a listener of Practical Lunacy from the beginning, though he hasn't been around in quite a while. He used to call Luna is "Crazy American Friend".
  • Doc, our chat room moderator, is, of course, a listener. And he was long before he was part of our crew!
  • Storymaster, of course, was a long time listener before becoming a host.
  • ButterUnicorn, our Friday night host, is a listener on Tuesdays! And was a fan before joining the cast.

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