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Old Masters Of Lunacy!

As mentioned in a couple of other places, the only constant in the Practical Lunacy cast is, of course, Luna. Like, really, the show was NAMED AFTER HER!

There have been a multitude of different "Masters of Lunacy" throughout the years though. Some lasted longer than others, some just co-hosted a time or two (or maybe even on a slightly regular basis!)

In any case, each one of them helped to mold the show in some way, some more than others. Some are beloved and missed, some were mediocre. And some, people were happy to see leave.

Here's a list of all of the people that were actual hosts of Practical Lunacy (NOT in chronological order!):

  • Mikal: Mikal was the original co-host of Practical Lunacy. Luna's on again/off again significant other (they were actually married for a few years) and always close friend. He was "the bitch" in the original "A Witch And Her Bitch" title of the show. So... Where'd he go? After he and Luna were divorced, Mikal continued to host Practical Lunacy remotely via Skype for a while. Luna moved to Canada, and then, not too long afterwards, Mikal found his "happily ever after" and he just doesn't have the time (or desire to be honest) to continue hosting. And that's okay. But he'd ALWAYS be welcomed to pop in anytime if he chose to.
  • Scott: One of the guys from "TOTG". He was regularly on Practical Lunacy (most notably during "5 people, 3 mic Fridays". He was kind of there because he pretty much owned the show at the time. So... Where'd he go? Only one sentence can sum it up easily: He was an asshole and Luna finally figured that out. He was rutinely mean to her, in more ways than are countable, and was mostly cruel to pretty much anyone else that came within the sound of his voice.
  • Schuyler: See above. Scott, just by a different name.
  • Melissa: A friend that Luna made through the "TOTG" chat room. She was sweet, and cute, and peppy, and adorable. And she was totally a fan fave! So... Where'd she go? Well, Luna left Florida, and at the time, hosting remotely wasn't an option, and really, she had had a daughter by then and probably wouldn't have had the time. Sadly, Melissa fell very ill and passed away in Fabruary of 2020. She will always be fondly remembered.
  • David: Also known as "David-Not-William". He was fun, funny, smart and loud. Very loud. And so so smart. At the time of hosting the show, he was attending an honours college in Florida, where he double-majored in Litterature and Computer Science. Luna always had to have '' open in the background while he was around, just so that we didn't have to completely scramble to keep up with his vast vocabulary. So... Where'd he go? Luna left Florida, he left Florida (in completely unrelated circumstances).
  • Ryan: He was weird; he was kind of annoying... Luna was mean to him... We used to call him "the intern" and made him do some strange (and really not nice) things, like taste flavoured condoms. So... Where'd he go? Let's just say that he's not entirely sane, and he and Luna don't really have contact anymore.
  • Victor: Ugh... We can't exactly just pretend he didn't happen because he was terrible. A guy that Luna dated. They met in Wal-Mart and she often refered to him as "Wal-Mart Boy". So... Where'd he go? He was, in one word, insane. They split up, he got MORE insane. And eventually, he was the reason for Luna moving out of Florida and back to NY.
  • John: Another one of Luna's old romantic partners. He was kind of an asshole, but with some kind of odd endearing quality... Can't really pin down any words to describe this guy. He wasn't very well liked, but it was kind of like a train wreck, where you just can't look away. A bit of a 'guilty pleasure' maybe? Dunno... So... Where'd he go? They split up. It was for the best. Though they're friends now, it wasn't pretty at the time.
  • Meaghan: Mikal's little sister. She was great for the fanboys because she's gorgeous. She was related to Mikal by blood, and to Luna by friendship, so it was just natural for her to be there. So... Where'd she go? Luna and Mikal split, and they just drifted apart, though they do still speak.
  • Nicole: Another one that was great for the fanbays. There was a lot of stuff packed into her, and it's probably best to leave it packed, because if you unpack it, you've gotta somehow get it back in. Always inappropriate, but in a fun way. So... Where'd she go? Well, there was a falling out... And it's all water under the bridge now, so let's just leave it in the past.
  • Kerri: One of Luna's earliest friends. After Luna moved back to NY, she came around to play on Practical Lunacy for a while. So many stuff that the two of them got and no one else did. Fun! So... Where'd she go? She was just one of the hosts that got dropped amongst one of the various 'hiatus' taken.
  • Mike (or Mike-apedia, as we called him): A close friend of Luna's. Smart, witty, sarcastic, fun... He's the whole package as far as Lunacy goes. So.. Where'd he go? Just another one of those hosts to get dropped because of 'hiatus'.
  • Lisa: She lived in the same house as Luna and Mikal for a while. She was fun to have around. We totally corrupted her, and she quite often turned numerous shades of red. She had a very strong "lawn-guy-land accent", and was pretty well liked. So... Where'd she go? Luna was gone for a while, and she just never remotely hosted. She'd be welcomed to pop on now if she'd like to one day.
  • Robert: He was obnoxious, kinda rude, socially akward, didn't really add much, honestly. So... Where'd he go? Luna and Robert's friendship litterally exploded after he decided that Luna was just not a good person. Oh well; who are we to judge?
  • Sage: She lived with Luna and Storymaster for a bit. She was fun, silly, and charming. But, that's what the outside saw. So... Where'd she go? She decided that she needed to leave after Luna called her out on her lying.
  • Keegan: One of "the boys" that lived with Storymaster and Luna for a while. They were both fun to have around at the time. So... Where'd he go? When they moved out of the house, it was just a cluterfuck.
  • Rylan: See above; he was the other one of "the boys".
  • Blane: A guy that was part of the pagan community while Sage and "the boys" lived with Luna and Storymaster. So... Where'd he go? It seems that that entire community was one giant clusterfuck.
  • StyxyChix: An old friend of Luna's that joined the cast to host remotely for a while. She was definitely fun. So... Where'd she go? She was just another one of those hosts that dropped off while the show was on hiatus.
  • ButterUnicorn: Luna met her through a gaming group. She's insane and gone now.
  • Trigar: He was a host back in the early days of Practical Lunacy and was around off and on for a long time. Technical difficulties when we moved to a new streaming and chat platorm were his demise.

And NOW... Here's a list of the various people that guest-hosted on Practical Lunacy at some time or another (At least, all the ones that can be remembered!):

  • Lindsey: A regular listener, she co-hosted a few times, and was always a lot of fun.
  • Crystal: She lived downstairs from Luna when Luna first moved to Florida, and Luna actually used to take care of her kids (they're all grown now, and it makes Luna feel old!). She was always a great lady and a great friend of Luna's. Throughout Luna's time living in Florida, Crystal was a bit of a constant. She was always there.
  • Tara: Close friend of Luna's from her time in Florida. She guest hosted a few times. They have had an on again/off again friendship.
  • Sparkle: Another super smart friend of Luna's, once described by someone with the sentence: "I thought I was smart, then I met Sparkle." She was cute, sweet, and quirky. Also generous in every way.
  • Kat: Luna's "Birthday Buddy". They met in the coffee shop that they frequented. Witty, smart, sarcastic, and somewhat jaded, she was always fun to have around.
  • Bill Van Allen: Luna and Mikal lived in his house for a while. Nice guy, but weird. And a little egotistical.
  • Jason: He ran the sound board on "TOTG" for a while, and hung around with Luna enough to guest host a few times. He's best known for telling Scott: "I control the ship bitch!" Yeah, he was pretty awesome.
  • Trish: Luna met Trish in her therapy program in NY in her early 30's. Not much to be said about this one. She hosted with her a few times, but it was, honestly, fairly forgetable.
  • Sigerson: Long time listener, one time host. Possibly Practical Lunacy's biggest fan EVAR! Maybe someday we can get her back.
  • James: Luna's Australian buddy! He only hosted once, but it was great. That accent!
  • Mikal's Parents (Mel and Bill) were on the show one night. Only once. They did a Q&A on how Mikal was growing up.
  • Jenn from Toronto: Once, whild Luna was still living in Mikal's parents' home, they had a guest; she was a pretty cool chick about our age, so when we did a show while she was visiting, she just happened to accept our invitation to come play.
  • Cara: A woman that Luna was friends with in Florida. She was on the show a few times.
  • Derick: A friend from where Storymaster used to work. He lived with Luna and Storymaster for a while. They were close, and he hosted the show a time or two.
  • Christine: The wife of one of Luna's absolute best friends from high school. She and Luna became very close while Luna lived with the two of them for a while.

Honorable Mentions...

These people have been involved in the show for a segment via interactions of either Skype, or phone, when we had a phone number

*Note: There is NO WAY that this list can be complete, as there are no longer any records of most of the show; these are just some that were notable*:

  • Mark Edge: A host from "FTL"; He spent a full segment on Practical Lunacy, mostly just arguing.
  • Dickson: The host of "WDP"; He spent a segment on Practical Lunacy a couple times.
  • Doc: Our moderator. He actually got on a Skype call with us once.
  • Jimmy: An old friend of Luna's. He spent a segment on Practical Lunacy a few times.

The End