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Practical Lunacy


Practical Lunacy is on the internet airwaves MOST Tuesdays and Fridays, and 9pm eastern; you can figure out what time that is for you by clicking here: ::Time Zones::(opens in a new tab).

Now that you know when we are around, we're sure that you just can't wait to listen to the everything and nothing that is Practical Lunacy. That, as luck would have it, is easy enough for anyone (even if you have a donkey brain)! Just click on the button below (radio link opens in a new tab):

Listen to Practical Lunacy

Oh Yeah! And there is now Podcast where you can find the two majority of recent episodes of the show! Here is the actual website for the Podcast!
Or, if you'd prefer the RSS feed link, it is: https://feed.podbean.com/practicallunacy/feed.xml

The End