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There are SO MANY things that are "in-jokes" here on Practical Lunacy, that we just don't know where to begin. Only going to put a few here, and we'll develop this over time as more things are noticed.

  • "TOTG": Taste of the Goods. The main show on (as well as the name of) the internet radio station that Practical Lunacy started on.
  • "TFL": Free Talk Live. One of the other shows that aired on the "TOTG" radio station.
  • "WDP": World Domination Party. The last of the other shows that aired on the "TOTG" radio station.
  • 5 Person, 3 Mic Friday: Back in the beginning days, the mixer (or soundboard) that we used only had room for 3 microphones. Friday nights, we had 5 hosts: Luna, Mikal, Scott, Schuyler, and Melissa. This often led the next reference:
  • Mikal doesn't talk: When throwing three mics around a room between five people, you need to turn the mic off before throwing it, or else it makes a "woosh" noise. Mikal would often get the mic, and then procede to talk into it for a while whilst the rest of the hosts just sat and watched while holding back giggles, as he quite often forgot to turn it on.
  • Chat Room Roll Call: Used to be that at least once or twice a show (EVERY show), we would just name all of the people that were in the chat room; we still do this sometimes (quite often, actually).
  • Ping-Pong: The stream used to get REALLY laggy sometimes, and in order to find out how far behind we were lagging, we would type "ping" into the chat room while simultaneously saying "ping"... When the chat room heard the ping, they were to respond in the chat by typing "pong."
  • Luna's Unprofessionalism: We can't have a list of Practical Lunacy references without pointing out Luna's Unprofessionalism. She starts the show late, starts archive recordings late (sometimes forgetting to record at all), eats on air, lets the rejoiner music run out before starting the segment, the sounds for her mIRC would always be on, causing random yelling from her computer throughout the show, Skype and other messaging services making noises, the cell phone going off, etc... AND back in the old days, when there was a webcam in the studio, she was known to, on at least a couple of occassions get undressed while the camera was still on after the show. Great for fan service, not so great for image.
  • "All About The Sex": When Luna asked for listeners to get involved in creating promos by sending in sound clips, our biggest fan, Siggy, sent a clip of her saying "Practical Lunacy is like chocolate: addictive, bad for your sleeping regimen, and eventually all about the sex." This was totally in reference to the fact that sex came up at some point in some way almost EVERY show.
  • Various Things Luna Used To Call Mikal: Dogbutt, Shit-turd, Mikal-head, Ass-hat, Moron... Just realizing how mean Luna is...
  • "Koala Tee": There was a local printer in Florida where the show was started, and the name was "Koala Tee." The jingle would randomly be played, and it's a total earworm... I'm singing it in my head just from writing out the name.
  • LP: Libertarian Party. Luna was a political activist back in the day.
  • Canadian Idiot: The Weird Al song was played often, just to make jabs at the Canadian listeners of the show. This was, of course, before Luna moved to Canada.
  • News From Florida: Floridiots... Florida Man... That should explain it. The final segment of the show is always news from Florida. And, by the way...
  • The Final Segment: Luna has been known to often sing over The Final Countdown at the last break in the show by badly belting out "It's the final segment!"
  • Clanker: One night while Luna was really high on pain killers and still attempting to type, she told the chat room that "Mikal stole my clanker!" Not sure about how misspelled the rest of the sentence was, but clanker was some hilliarious typo of blanket.

The End