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Practical Lunacy

Chat Room Rules

Our chat room is pretty easy going for the most part. There are just a few rules. The consequences for breaking them will be determined by the hosts of the show and the chat room moderator, though you will always be given a warning.
Now that our chat room is within a Discord server, it's a little different... People are there that don't actually listen to the show and people are there 24/7. Here are the few rules that we ask you follow. Let's just all play nice, yeah?

There are some general server rules that need to be followed at all times, as well as rules that are specific to the time during the show. Take a quick look here and read them over. They are also available for your reading pleasure on the server itself. With the chat now being a Discord server, there's so much more to the chat than just the show!

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General Server Rules

  • 1) First and foremost, we follow the Discord Community Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines . Please read through and familiarize yourself with them.
  • 2) You will find a few server roles that are important. Firstly, there is Luna, who is the only person on the “Queen of Lunacy” role, “Masters of Lunacy” are the show hosts, and as such are also admins, and “Listen to the Moderators” are our general chat server moderators. These roles will show up separately than other chat server members and these are the people to go to if you have a problem.
  • 3) Anyone that has the modmin status will help you if you have a problem. The only role ping-able by any server member is “mod” and you should feel free to ping it if, and only if, you have a question or concern.
  • 4) Be respectful and see everyone as a person, not as an abstract concept with a screen name.
  • 5) Respect your fellow server members. This shouldn’t even have to be SAID, but, because this is the internet, here it is. If someone is made uncomfortable by something you have said and/or done, apologize, and don’t do it again. Seriously, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!
  • 6) Do not assume that because someone does not speak up about being uncomfortable or unsafe that they are giving consent; however, in the case that someone does ask you to stop, whether or not they are a modmin, please respect that and stop.
  • 7) Do not ask for anyone's personal information, search for anyone's personal information, give out anyone's personal information, or overshare your own. Everyone deserves their privacy.
  • 8) Do not send random DMs to server members you have not conversed privately with in the past (with the exception of DMing modmins with questions or concerns). Please be respectful by asking BEFORE initiating a private conversation, as some people may be uncomfortable with random messages from people they do not know.
  • 9) GIFs!: Yes, gifs are a part of being on Discord. They are fun and can convey emotions or concepts that text just can’t. But, don’t use overly flashy or otherwise obnoxious gifs.
  • 10) Feel free to invite your friends to the server, but remember that it may be inappropriate for minors or people that are easily offended. Remember to “read the room.”
  • 11) If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please feel free to DM Luna or a modmin immediately. Again, these people can be found under the “Masters of Lunacy” or “Listen to the Moderators” sections of the chat list.
  • 12) If you believe that you have been treated unfairly at any time, then take it to Luna, privately!

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Show Time Rules

  • 1) The Most important rule (well, almost)... Just listen to the moderators and the hosts, regardless of what the rules say.
  • 2) Unless the moderators or hosts says so, the server rules always apply including during the show; read them, know them, follow them.
  • 3) No name calling please. State your opinions, argue, but this isn't grade school, so let's just be civil about things.
  • 4) No spamming the channel! Do not just continue to repeat something just because it doesn't get acknowledged. Try to remember that not EVERY comment will be read aloud, though the hosts ARE reading everything that pops up.
  • 5) The stream is usually a few seconds ahead of the chat, so understand that we may, on occasion, have to ask you to clarify what your comment is in regards to. Don't act pissy for it.
  • 6) The REALLY most important rule, to the entire show really!: Luna is always right! Whatever she says goes! She can overrule the other hosts and/or the moderators. Do NOT forget that she IS the Queen of Lunacy!

The End

See? Those are easy enough, right? Just don't be an asshole is really what it comes down to. And then we can all just get along just fine!

The End