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Practical Lunacy has been a live internet radio shoow since 2004. We (or, Luna, at least) were doing this since before podcasts were really a thing. The podcast that accompanies the live show has actually only existed for a few short years. It has a long history, which you can learn about by clicking on "Lunacy Lore" in the top navigation bar. You'll also find some stuff sprinkled throughout the rest of the page as well.

So, you may be thinking "Just what is Practical Lunacy anyway?" This is a difficult question to answer, even by the people that host. If it had to be described in one word, that word would probably be "Chaos." But it's really a bit more nuanced than that. Luna likes to say that it's about "Everything and Nothing." If you want a description that's even more fleshed out, essensially, we read random news articles and other things that we find online and talk about them. Sometimes, we talk about serious things, and often it's more chaotic. We go off on tangents and talk about our lives. And always, always, every show, the final segment is devoted to Florida, for a couple of reasons. For starters, as everyone knows, Florida is kind of known for crazy news, but also because Florida is where Practical Lunacy began! It started in Luna's bedroom, where no one had chairs (okay, there was ONE chair) or mic stands. It was just a few friends that sat around on the bed and on the floor, holding mics and chatting into the vastness that was the internet.

In some ways, that's still what Practical Lunacy is. It's just a virtual bedroom now, with some more complicated equipment. Whatever it is, it works. The hosts enjoy it, the people that listen usually enjoy it. Give it a listen! You'll probably enjoy it too!

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If you like the show, and you can support the show a bit, give our merch shop a look, or you can make a one time or monthly donation via our ko-fi. The links to both can be found on the navigation bar at the top of the page.
Practical Lunacy is a labour of love. The hosts don't get paid anything, and neither does Luna; but there are expenses that get paid out!
In our merch shop, you can find lots of different things with our logo (and sometimes some kind of inside joke) on them. We've got shirts, notebooks, mugs, stickers, and so much more!

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