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With a show that's been running for 20 years, there's a lot of history. There have been multiple different eras of the show, and we are currently in what Luna would call the 8th era of the show. Each era has had different hosts and references and/or in-jokes. On this page, we'll outline some of the history, quickly touching on each era. There will be a link at the botom of the page to take you to a spot where you can see a bunch of the references and/or in-jokes that we (mostly just Luna) will mention once in a while. Luna is counting the eras based mainly on the hosts involved, and partially where Luna was housed at the time.
And now, without further ado, here is a brief overview of each era of the show:

Era One:
Era one is, arguably, the most important era, since it has the show's humble beginings, in Florida, with the first episode airing on March 19, 2004. During all of the first era, the show was hosted on a shared internet radio station called Taste Of The Goods (TOTG), where three other shows shared the station. Those shows were TOTG, Free Talk Live (FTL), and World Domination Party (WDP). Luna was romantically/sexually involved with the two men that hosted TOTG and owned the online station. She hosted TOTG with them on a weekly basis, where they hosted from an actual radio station, where they recorded and live-streamed the show to their online station, as well as being live on AM radio. Since they were looking for more shows to cover time on their online station, the guys asked Luna to do a show of her own. The name of the show was chosen after taking suggestions from all of the people that hung out in the chatroom for TOTG. Practical Lunacy was chosen because it played off of Luna's name and sounds like an oxymoron, which Luna thought was fun. When the show first began, it had a somewhat different feel than it does now. We covered an equal ammount of ridiculous news and actually serious (and mostly political in nature) news, as well as tangents about things going on in the hosts' lives.
This era was also the time when Luna had the least say over how the show was handled. Since the station was owned by other people, there were rules that needed to be followed, most of which were a bit of an annoyance to Luna. Firstly, radio promos had to be run for the rest of the shows on the station, as well as sponsors that the station had contracts with. The rule that really annoyeed Luna, however, was that the chat interaction was allowed ONLY on the chat room run by TOTG, where Luna wasn't even allowed to moderate. It was an IRC chatroom, which was much more common back in 2004 than it is now. The people that hosted with Luna during the first era were: Mikal (every episode), Scott, Schuyler, Melissa, and Triggar.

Era Two:
Era two of PL came with a few key changes. Mikal left Florida and was no longer hosting, for one. Luna wound up having breast cancer and therfore went into chemotherapy, both of which, the TOTG guys insisted she was lying about. This is when all ties to TOTG were broken. The host of WDP followed PL over to a new hosting site which Luna was paying for. During this point, the host team was made up of Triggar, Melissa, David, Sparkle, Ryan, a few people that had romantic relationships with Luna, and a few friends of Luna's that popped in and out.

Era Three:
During era three, Mikal came back to Florida and he and Luna got married. The show went back to having Mikal as an every episode host, and David and Ryan stayed on as well. There were also a few friends that would join in from time to time. At this point, we were still on a paid streaming service.

Era Four:
The fourth era of PL took place after Luna and Mikal moved back to New York to live in a few rooms in his parents' house. The stream hosting went a bit all over the place during this time. We also had a few different hosts during this era of the show: Mikal, Meaghan (Mikal's little sister), Mike (who we called Mikeapedia), Alex (though he was still using his deadname at the time, which we're not going to put here), Nicole, and Kerri. After Mikal and Luna split up and Luna moved, he stopped hosting for a while, and her boyfriend, John, and one of her roommates, Christine, hosted. Alex also continued to host.

Era Five:
During era five, Luna moved into subsidized housing, into her own private room that was in a house with a couple of other ladies. Luna stopped paying for stream hosting at this point, and was using a free website which no longer exists since it was just so awful. The show was being hosted with remote hosts at this time, for pretty much the first time. Storymaster, who would later become Luna's husband, and Sarok hosted regularly. There were a few other people that were involved now and then as well.

Era Six:
In 2013, Luna moved to Canada, where the show continued to run, even if differently. Mikal regularly hosted with Storymaster and Luna remotely. There were also several in person hosts: Sage, Robert, Keegan, Rylan, and Blane. Luna had, by this point, found a free stream hosting site.

Era Seven:
After Luna had a falling out with many people in Edmonton, our hosting lineup changed once again. Luna was once again hosting with Mikal Sarok, and Triggar remotely and Storymaster in person.

Era Eight AKA the Current Era:
Storymaster passed away in 2023, and Luna had to move into subsidized housing again, this time in her own apartment. There wasn't any PL for over year. When the show started back up, Luna began hosting with two remote co-hosts via Discord. Those hosts are two of her best friends: Nixie and Baron.

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