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The theme has changed over the years, mainly based on the hosts at the time. Luna has FINALLY gotten around to getting the theme current! That being said... If you want to hear it (or one of the older ones) or play it for someone, or for whatever reason, download it, you can do that here!

The Current Practical Lunacy Theme:

Practical Lunacy Theme!

If you wanna listen to some of the old openings (some without background music), here are some:

Back From 2004, used when Triggar was hosting

Back From 2004, used when Melissa was hosting

Back From 2008 (no background music)

Back From 2010 (no background music)

Back From 2011

Back From 2013 (no background music)

Back From 2014

Back From 2015

Back From 2016

Back From 2018

Back From 2019

Back From 2021

Back From 2022

The End