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Practical Lunacy


THE Doc, or as we fondly call him, Doc, is our long time chat room moderator in the Practical Lunacy chat room. He's there during just about all of the shows (and sometimes even when there isn't a show). He's been a fairly close online friend to Luna since long before Practical Lunacy existed. Actually, even before Luna was known as Luna! Wow, that's a long time! He's located in Pennsylvania, which is much closer to where Luna lived when she and Doc met online, but they have never actually met in person regardless of that. Maybe one of these days!


He sure can look intimidating can't he? Don't let it fool you; he's a teddy bear! UNLESS you provoke him, by not following the rules or otherwise causing trouble in the chat room. So watch out, 'cause he'll keep you all in line! He takes his job VERY seriously!

The End