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Practical Lunacy


Here Are Some Facts About Practical Lunacy That Everyone Should Know:

  • Practical Lunacy made its debut on March 19, 2004.
  • The first episode of Practical Lunacy was the ONLY one to ever be done in an actual radio studio. The guys that owned Taste of the Goods (hereon known as "TOTG") used a studio in an actual radio station, and that's where this silliness all began.
  • Practical Lunacy got started by riding the coat tails of another show, called "TOTG", and speaking of...
  • The show was originally created to fill time on the internet radio station that was owned by the guys that ran "Taste of the Goods", Scott and Schuyler.
  • Luna was romantically involved with both Scott and Schuyler at some point. (Without going into details, we'll just say that they both turned out to be pretty big assholes)
  • Luna has actually had all but two of her (at least somewhat serious) romantic partners that she's had since she started the show on as a host at some point (guest hosting counts!)
  • When the show first started, Luna lived in Florida, and in the middle of a divorce and moved from Illinois.
  • Luna has refered to wherever she does the show as "The PL Studio", but there has never been a completely dedicated area specifically for the show. In fact, until recently, it was almost always her bedroom.
  • The show has always had long periods of time where it hasn't run. We call these times "hiatus" but in reality, it's more that Luna either goes into depressions or just plain gets busy and stops doing the show for a while (sometimes a long while).
  • The show was named via a "contest" where friends were polled. Contest is in quotes because there wasn't any actual prize. Here are a few of the other names that were suggested:
    • A Witch And Her Bitch (a reference to the fact that Luna was, at the time, Wiccan, and that Mikal, her main co-host was, pretty much, her bitch)
    • Lunatic Fringe (just another way to incorporate the Luna in)
    • Cornbread Junction (No idea on this one, but there WAS a theme song made up for it by one of the listeners)
  • When Practical Lunacy first started, it was actually on from 10pm to midnight eastern, five days a week!
  • As far as the timeslots go, there have been SO MANY different times (but always at night) that we cannot even remember them all, but here's a quick rundown as best we can:
    • There were times where it was three times a week (Monday, Wedensday, Friday)
    • twice a week (like it's done now)
    • On the weekends
    • Fridays only
    • Only Sundays
    • There was even times where the shows were three hours long instead of two!
  • The servers have changed around A LOT as well:
    • As stated above, the show was on the "TOTG" server when it first started.
    • There were a couple of different hosting servers that were paid for at a few points.
    • There were a couple of different times where the show was hosted directly from Luna's internet connection.
    • There were the dark times, the times of "ustream." That was a free streaming webcam site, which never worked very well.
  • While Practical Lunacy is usually light-hearted fun, there was a time when it was a lot more serious than it is now.
  • In the early days, Practical Lunacy had a forum. And it WAS used.
  • For quite a while, there was a webcam that was played in tandem with the radio stream.
  • There was also, at one point, another show that played, originally, in the "TOTG" days, directly after Practical Lunacy, and later on, just generally around the time, on the same server. That was World Domination Party. One of the guys from that show, Dickson, became pretty good friends with Luna.
  • The Final Countdown has been played on almost EVERY episode of Practical Lunacy, including the first; some listeners at one point started complaining about the repetition, so Luna got a whole bunch of different versions of it.

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