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Practical Lunacy

Old Chat Rooms

Practical Lunacy has ALWAYS been interactive via a chat room.
With the exception of the time that the show was on UStream, that chat room as always been IRC based. This had the advantage of bringing people into the show that would just randomly join the chat without even knowing about the show. It gave Luna the chance to gain new listeners.

In the beginning, there was an IRC server just for "TOTG", and Luna was not allowed to use any other chat platforms. Since the guys of "TOTG" were pretty much in charge at the time, she just had to do what they said, and this was one of their rules.

Then there was mystnet. A server that Luna and a few friends were in charge of. This gave the distinct advantage of having an irc.practicallunacy mask, which was pretty darn cool.

For a very long time, the show's chat room was just the chat room that Luna used for her personal chat, #MoonsRoom on the IRC Undernet.

The Practical Lunacy IRC channel was on DalNet for a very long time and was only switched away from IRC in April of 2021

Practical Lunacy now has its very own Discord server! Seriously, the server has A LOT of people on it that do not listen to the show, but that's part of the fun. It's chaos at its finest and lots of fun to be a part of! Come join us there!

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